Jun 8, 2011

"Street Fonts" Makes it Stateside

Ok... so long story short..

MadC, one of my favorite graffiti artists put together this amazing book. In it are about 156 artists from around the globe who practice art in different disciplines, but mainly graffiti. She dedicates the book to my all time favorite graffiti artist and inspiration Dare TWS who passed away March 6,2010 leaving a huge gap in the graffiti and art scene worldwide. MadC had the honor to be close friends with him, work together with Dare TWS and paint many murals with him. She was directly influenced by his work and continues to be inspired.

I ordered her book from Europe because the US version does not include MadC's original cover art. Three months waiting... and finally the book is here for me to share with you. The book is a triumph and it is the first and most comprehensive collection of street inspired alphabets anybody has ever put together. If you like what you see... i urge you to get yourself a copy.. it is beautiful. In it you will find renowned graffiti artists like, 123Klan, CanTwo, Loomit, Sen2(from Puerto Rico), Rime MSK just to mention a few..

I love this book.. and it is an amazing addition to my collection. Thank you to Claudia Walde aka MadC for putting this book together.

Stay Up,

Epic Uno

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