Nov 9, 2011

HELP Lain Lee 3 Expand!!

A little over a week ago i had the pleasure of collaborating with a few artists on a project through Instagram. Lain Lee 3 was the leader of the pack and led the project full force. The talent showcased in the project was superb, but it would have never happened if it wasn't for the tireless efforts of Mr. Lain and his willingness to push all of us to hustle. This same hustle and dedication and not to mention insane skills and talent are what has made his design business work.

Well now Lain needs our support... he is in the process of expanding his business. His client list is expanding and so is his need for equipment and personnel.

Lain has setup a contribution campaign filled with mad perks and goodies for contributors. I really admire this guys work and want you my readers to know that you will be getting something dope in return for your contribution.

Follow this link "LAIN LEE 3 DESIGN CAMPAIGN" to read in detail about his campaign and to find out how you can help Lain reach his $10,000 Dollar goal.

.. and stay tuned for more collaboration projects under the "IAC"(Instagram Artist Collective)

Check out some of Lain's work below: