Nov 1, 2011

"Grown Ass Doodlers" an Instagram Artist Collaboration

So to make a long story short, I met these talented artists through Instagram and one of them invited myself and two other artists to collaborate on a piece with the theme "GROWN ASS DOODLERS"

Friks84 and myself worked on the typography. Then we all had the task to make a self portrait of ourselves in each of our own drawing styles. The result...... well i think its pretty dope!!

Below are the images of the final piece with my contribution and details of the other artists work.
Hope you all enjoy.

Here is my initial sketch.

This is my final contribution before the piece all came together

Here are details shots of the final piece

Be sure to check out @edgarzilla, @friks84, @lainlee3 all on instagram.
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Stay Up,
Epic Uno