Apr 4, 2011

Street Fonts. EPIC's Alphabet.

Wassup everybody.

Today im posting and asking for your VOTE! I have created this Alphabet and entered it in a competition called "Street Fonts". If you guys have the time i would appreciate your support.

Unfortunately you will need to register at the site before you can vote, but i cannot tell you how much this competition means to me.

If i win i will be chosen to show my work next to one of my favorite artists and current Legends in the Graffiti World MAD C at her latest gallery show opening on the 14th in London. I will also receive a copy of her new book "Street Fonts" and 300 Euros, but showing my work at her opening is the goal... the rest is just a bonus.

Please follow the link bellow and do the following.

Step 1: Register at the site
Step 2: Click the Design link on the top of the page. Go to "Street Fonts"
Step 3: Find my design "Epic 1"and click on Vote.
Step 4: Sign out.

click on this link to go to my design and the voting site.
Epic's Alphabet

I do appreciate all of your support. There are only 5 more days left to vote... so please vote..

I hope you are all well and if you need to, contact me with any questions....

Much love to all,