May 13, 2010

"DOES" arrives @ NYC...

There are a few artists around the world that inspire me to do what i do and push me to new levels of creativity, technique and of course stylistic flare....    Among these artist is one of my favorite graffiti writers DOES from the Netherlands. Does formed the LOVELETTERS CREW in 2006 and i must say it is one of the dopest graf crews in the world in my opinion...

I found Does a few years back while browsing the work of my favorite artist and late legendary graffiti writer DARE. Dare has been my biggest inspiration and mentor even though we never met. It was a great shock to me when he died since i always envisioned meeting him one day. Dare was one of the elite members of the LOVELETTERS CREW.

Since the death of DARE i made it a goal to work harder to achieve my goals and also to try meet and own a piece of art from each one of the artist that i admire and inspire me.

I contacted one of these artists (DOES) a few weeks back with the hopes of buying one of his arrived @ NYC yesterday and i wanted to share the moment with all of you.

Below are images of what i received.

Stay Up,
Epic One