Apr 20, 2010

Bustin Loose in Brooklyn

Yo yo,

Whats cooking my people... I am extremely excited about this new project.

To make a long story short... i stumbled across this shop in Brooklyn called Bustin Boards, they are the makers of Brooklyn's own longboard skateboard decks.

Funny enough i had been looking to buy one of these longboard decks for a few months now but did not know of this Brooklyn based Company... Of course me being and artists my first plan of action was to convince the guys at the shop to sell me a blank board for me to customize. Needless to say the guys over at the shop are awesome!! and after testing out a few of their set-ups i decided on the STRIKE a 38" deck made to tackle anything the streets have to offer. I urge anybody whether your into skateboarding or snowboarding or just want to try a new sport to check these guys out....they are located at 340 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY.

I will be customizing the board and documenting the process to show all of you. It will be a long process but well worth it.....the theme will be graffiti in Brooklyn.

Below are some images of Bustin Boards Shop and the first images of the process for my custom deck creation.


Epic One

Inside the Shop
Special Edition decks made for the locals.
The first task was to mask the board so that i could sketch freely.

Good thing i had this large roll of transfer masking tape..........
Now that i have my top image...its time to cut out the stencil.

Testing placement.
Ok the design is taking shape.....here is the sketch.
 Now that the design is done its time to start cutting and spray painting the background before laying down the details. Stay tuned for my next post....Pt.2 of Bustin Loose in Brooklyn.

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  1. I was on your site when you posted the board. I love checkin out your work man. Keep it coming, you've got something here


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